Mission & Vision


The goal of education is to teach the students to live, to discover the deeper meaning of life and transcendence, to learn, to interact with others, love creation, think freely and critically, find fulfilment in work, plan their future, or in one word, to learn 'to be'. It is in and through education that one can hope for a more human and humane future and a more harmonious sciety.


By 2018,we are committed to our students totally aware and responsible for an eco-friendly environment.

Action Plan

As the mission statement of the school ultimately aims at creating a positive impact on our environment, it benefits the society at large. Paulians embark on this mission seeking the blessings of almighty and the cooperation of all- students, staff, parents and the poeple around us. In order to fulfill the mission of the school for the next three years, a tangible and feasible plqan of action has been formulated. The action plan is based on step-by-step approach so that it reduces lasting results. Activities and programs of the school will be planned with the mission in focus. In the first year the target area would be the immediate surroundings i.e. the class room and the home followed by a wider focus to cover the campus and the street the next year and finally in the third year activities will be planned to make the entire town eco-conscios and green.

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