"A healthy mind in a healthy body". Keeping this in mind the school promotes and encourages a number of sports activities. In addition to the two periods a week compulsory allotted to physical education, four periods a week (from the 5th grade upwards) are allotted for club activities. Students may opt for any three activities from a given list. The sports activities available include tennis, football, basketball, volleyball. Professional swimming and athletic coaches are available to train the students and ensure that they become ace performers. In fact though the school is but eight years old our students have won laurels in inter-school competitions in swimming, football and basketball. After school activities are conducted for extra coaching on selected sports.



    MONTH            DATE                 DAY                              EVENT                        
June 18-06--2018 Thursday Inter Class Chess Competition
  19-06-2018 Friday Inter Class Chess Competition
  20-06-2018 Saturday Inter Class Chess Competition
  21-06-2018 Monday Inter Class Cricket Competition
  22-06-2018 Tuesday Inter Class Cricket Competition
  23--06-2018 Wednesday Inter Class Cricket Competition
  28-06-2018 Thursday Inter house Football Competition
  29-06-2018 Friday Inter house Football Competition
July 09-07-2018 Monday Interhouse Basketball Competition
  10-07-2018 Tuesday Interhouse Basketball Competition
  26-07--2018 Thursday Interhouse Carrom Competition
  27-07-2018 Friday Interhouse Carrom Competition
August 09-08-2018 Thursday Interhouse Badminton Competition
  10-08-2018 Friday Interhouse Badminton Competition
  11-08-2018 Saturday Interhouse Badminton Competition
  30-08-2018 Thursday Javelin Throw Competition Intehouse
September 17-09-2018 Monday Discus Throw Competition Interhouse
  18-09-2018 Tuesday Shot-put Competition Interhouse
  19-09-2018 Wednesday Volley Ball Competition Interhouse
October 10-10-2018 Wednesday Table Tennis Interhouse competition
  22-10-2018 Monday Kho-Kho Interhouse Competition
  23-10-2018 Tuesday Kho-Kho Interhouse Competition
November 12-11-2018 Monday High Jump
  13-11-2018 Tuesday Long Jump
  26-11-2018 Monday Kabaddi Interhouse Competition
  27-11-2018 Tuesday Kabaddi Interhouse Competition
December 03-12-2018 Monday Sports Week and Prize Distribution
  04-12-2018 Tuesdaay Sports Week and Prize Distribution


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