House System

The House system is an integral part of life at St. Paul’s Sr. Sec. School, Katni and aims to provide a sense of competition and fun through a range of school based activities. All the students and members of staff are attached to one of the four houses, which are named after a color. Each house is assigned a virtue and a motto.

BlueAlways Stronger(Fortius)Faith (Fide)
GreenAlways Higher (Altius)Love (Amor)
RedAlways Brighter (Candidus)Hope (Spes)
YellowAlways Faster (Citius)Peace (Pacem)
In pursuance of school motto and virtues, Paulians should always strive to be……..
  1. Higher like a shining star in love and
  2. Faster like a radiant ray of light being calm and
  3. Stronger like diamond in self-confidence and high self
  4. Brighter like scintillating sun being extremely hopeful about life.

The House System aims to increase co-operation, mutual understanding tolerance, self-reliance, motivation, sense of responsibility and participation. It also provides a focus for leadership and development among the pupils.

House Activities give the pupils an opportunity to compete as a team and build up relationships with fellow pupils. The House mistress / master and the respective House teachers act as a link in the system acting as friends, philosophers and guides. Once in a month, there will be a House meeting to plan and evaluate house activities.






House In charge

Mr. Naushad Khan

Mrs. Sunita Pandey

Mr. Shyam Chandra Gupta

Mrs. Sangeeta Mishra

House Secretary

Mr. Sindhu David

Mrs. Ranjana Shrivastava

Mrs. Merina Gustav

Mr. Rajesh Gautam